Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Animal Collective

Paw Tracks

This CD reissue of Animal Collective’s long out-of-print Hollinndagain LP offers a glimpse into a time when the group was still learning its voice. These seven cuts were recorded at various tour stops throughout 2002 when Avey Tare, Panda Bear and Geologist were consciously crafting new, happenchance material every night. The results are a hypnotic journey where the space between sounds is as important as the sounds themselves. An underlying order isn’t always discernable, but structural minimalism stretches from mumbled words in “Pride and Fight” to the percussive crash that opens “Forest Gospel.”

“There’s An Arrow” is a pastiche of clicks and drones reminiscent of early Zoviet*France. Likewise, the foggy fidelity takes on a timelessness that feels just as natural in 2002 as it would be coming from 1982. This disjointed coherence vibrates to the tune of impenetrable savage beauty, but is nonetheless a genuinely captivating psychedelic experience.

Chad Radford

(Originally published by Resonance Magazine, issue no. 52).