Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Still Point of Turning
Bubble Core

The phased opening riffs of “New Domestic Landscape” open Relay’s Still Point of Turning with an urgent but autumnal sense of melancholy, bliss and power pop. Eminent sensory overload is only two steps away as the guitar/keyboard rhythms audibly shift, slowing down and speeding up with lysergic fortitude, blending iridescent melody and fuzz under carefully controlled pop song parameters. Indeed numbers like “Context” and “Draw a Crooked Line” fall into the shoe gazer rock category, but there’s much more than simple Spiritualized or My Bloody Valentine worship at work throughout the recording.

The group’s principle songwriter, Paul Zeigler orchestrates thick guitar rumbles, shivering percussions and long, drawn-out rhythms that pull on the strings dangling from the fringes of subconscious thought. But before disappearing into space, a gut-punch sense of immediacy keeps the pace focused and locked in the here and now.

Chad Radford

(Originally published by Resonance Magazine, issue no. 52).