Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Catch As Catch Can
Fat Beats

Glue’s rapid-fire emcee, Adeem spits rhymes with a world-weary and stylistically anti-bling mind-set. "Vessel" is an existential nightmare in which the protagonist discovers he’s a robot. The song unfolds with the same kind of “I’m sorry mamma…” sentiments buried in Eminem’s closet. But replacing the schmaltz with a solid dose of sci-fi gives the song experimental depth.

DJDQ and Maker weave slick and angular beats that bound in “A Lot To Say.” “Someone Who Dares” builds an unforgettably emotive atmosphere, layering beats over a weeping violin.

Production is underscored by a bonus instrumental disc. But without Adeem’s strident voice the boom tends to fall flat.

Catch also features a live video in which Adeem’s prowess comes into full-view. Never has a skinny white guy with a shaved head and skate shoes rocked so hard since the days of Minor Threat, bestowing the group with a sense of universal defiance.

Chad Radford

(Originally published by Resonance Magazine, issue no. 52.)