Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dark Meat

Universal Indians

Cloud Recordings

Dark Meat is a psychedelic rock combo from Athens, GA, so naturally it’s hard not to envision the group following in the footsteps Olivia Tremor Control. But Dark Meat is less concerned with crafting dreamy, druggy soundscapes than it is in filtering the history of 20th century music through a twisted rock lens.

Universal Indians is dedicated to free jazz sax man Albert Ayler, whose ghost resonates in the wailing horns of “Freedom Ritual.” The same song gives equal props to the Butthole Surfers, Neil Young and Captain Beefheart. As does “One More Trip.” Likewise, “Angel of Meth” is a straightforward nod to the swaggering melancholy of the Shangri-Las. Dark Meat places its influences not on a pedestal, but in a blender to erupt in over-the-top Southern freakouts that give people who like pretentious music something to dance to while they’re picking it apart.

Chad Radford

(Originally published by Resonance Magazine, issue no. 52.)