Monday, March 03, 2008

Cheap Time

“Handy Man” b/w “Wildlife” 7-inch
Douche Master Records

Nashville trio Cheap Time is the latest export from the same scene that churned out noisy garage rock savants Be Your Own Pet. But whereas BYOP emerged with a cadre of catchy hooks backing up explosive youthful energy, Cheap Time goes back to the basics to draw out grit and stamina.

“Handy Man” is a fun-loving garage rock anthem that pounds straight-ahead through reverb and tinny production. On the flipside “Wildlife” offers more of the same, but stands out as the shining star of this single. The music is simple, fun and bound by unwavering punk rock tantrums that are infectious in their capacity to channel refined spastic energy. There isn’t much to write home about regarding songwriting here. Plodding rock naivety and enthusiasm are Cheap Time’s strongest assets and the group wields them with unadulterated passion.

--Chad Radford