Thursday, February 21, 2008


Die Slaughterhaus Records

Are you into wizards on motorcycles, mythical beasts and kung fu action? If so, Chopper’s KVLT AS FVCK 7-inch will kick you like a bionic round house to the face!

Jokes aside, it’s hard to tell where the trio of guitarist/vocalist George Asimakos (former Blame Game), bassist Collin Mee (Deerhunter) and drummer Lamar George draw the line between cheese and real metal muscle. On the A-side of this three-song single “Rolling Thvnder” is a cluster of chugs and chants that would make excellent theme music for a new generation of Transformers, ThunderCats or Ninja turtles.

On the flipside, “Oblivion to Thunderdome” and “Born to Loose” are noise-metal mantras of rhythm and dirge. Throw Unsane, Motorhead and Blue Oyster Cült into a blender and the outcome would sound like Chopper; too chaotic to be progressive and too hard to be fantasy metal.

--Chad Radford