Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween at Lenny's (Atlanta, GA 2007)

Knife and the 4th Ward Daggers

The Spooks (We were all warned by the sound guy just before the group started: "If you don't like animal blood on you, please step away from the stage..." I'm not sure if I was hit with more pigs' blood, sweat, spit, beer spray or drippage from the air conditioner during the Spooks' set... Probably a combination of all of the above.)

The King Khan and BBQ Show

Emcee Halloween spreading awareness to stop the senseless slaughter of thousands of pumpkins every Halloween.

Harpies in the Night (It's true, the Misfits do for me what things like baseball, church and America's Next Most Smartest Supermodel do for the pedestrian thirty-something, like myself. What's funny is that all of these other things remind me of what pushed me to so wholeheartedly embrace a band like the Misfits in the first place, so many years ago. I have a feeling that Harpies in the Night (a Misfits cover band) plays Misfits' songs better than the Misfits ever played them live. You don't hear the guitars squelching out of tune at the end of every song, which is kind of a silly thing to bring up -- if you like the Misfits than you like music that's full of mistakes. But it was noticeable how well the group tore through songs like "Hybrid Moments," "Vampira" and "Horror Business." They've had a lifetime of practice, much longer than the Misfits ever had, and Harpies are better off for it.