Monday, May 24, 2010

David Cross' Bigger and Blackerer is out today!

MP3 of I Can’t Get Beer in Me

Attention freedom haters! David Cross' latest CD, Bigger and Blackerer is out today (5/25) via Sub Pop.

So, you watched the video pasted above, and even listened to the mp3 about the ridiculousness of beer cans that change color when they're cold, and now you're thinking "Meh... I used to watch Mr. Show... I even stayed up late one night watching that Alvin and the Chipmunks movie just because he was in it. But do I really need another comedy CD adding more clutter to my mundane life?"

Yes you do. You need this CD because David Cross has an unmatched ability to express everything that you hate about living alongside other Americans, and he does so in a far more eloquent way than you could ever hope to pull off. ...and he's offensive too! He makes fun of pretty much everything you have ever been told to keep quiet about, and he goes there without apology, and without restraint. Amen.