Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Use Your Allusion: Black Moth Super Rainbow revels in mystique

Black Moth Super Rainbow crafts the kind of music you can see, feel, taste and touch, wrapped in album covers you can hear. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines this sort of sensory confusion as synesthesia, but the group’s elusive and soft-spoken leader Tobacco, née Tom Fec, isn’t keen on labeling the music anything at all. “I want it to be whatever you want it to be,” he offers with a lingering silence at the end of his words. “To me it’s just pop music. I don’t call it psychedelic and I don’t call it electro-synth music as some people have done. But if that’s what the listener wants it to be, then that’s what it can be.”

As frustrating as his passing of the buck seems, that open-ended mystery has bestowed BMSR with its greatest asset: intrigue. The group’s identity, and in turn the music, is so rich with abstraction that revealing too much information would do it a disservice.

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"Born On A Day the Sun Didn't Rise" mp3

(Photo by Jae Ruberto)