Thursday, May 07, 2009

Download the Mixt A vol. 1

This year I somehow managed to talk the powers that be at Creative Loafing into letting me and my editor put together a compilation of some of our favorite up-and-coming Atlanta bands as an honest-to-goodness 12" LP. The record is done and the first of two record release parties is happening tonight (Thurs., May 7) at Eyedrum.

Due to some negligence on the part of the record pressing plant in Australia we won't have the LPs at the show. We have the sleeves and a voucher that you can redeem for the vinyl next week at Criminal Records. -- I won't go into the details of just how many speed bumps, battles with customs in both the U.S. and Australia, swine flu scares, and punk-ass Aussie record press employees not being very communicative that we had to rise above in the process, but if you're interested in hearing a very harrowing story about how the record came together be sure to ask me about it the next time you see me. I would love to tell you all about it. Really, it's a good story.

In the meantime you can download the 10-song comp., along with an additional 17 songs at download the whole thing, conveniently zipped in one file (warning, it's 223 MB).

In the end I am very happy with the line-up. There are some really great songs here. But there are three or four other bands that really should be on here as well... there's always vol. 2.

Here's the track list

1. Predator - "You"
2. Grip Plyaz - "Fuck Dat Hipster Shit"
3. Anna Kramer and The Lost Cause - "I Can't Take It"
4. A. Leon Craft - "Spaced Out"
5. The N.E.C. - "Cruel Sea"
6. Stanza - "A. Town Love"
7. Zoroaster - "White Dwarf"
8. Balkans - "Violent Girls"
9. Carnivores - "Shark Teeth"
10. Mums FP - "Cause & Effect"
11. Abby Go Go - "The Lost Song"
12. Spree Wilson - "Travelin' Man Blues"
13. All Night Drug Prowling Wolves - "Dance Again"
14. G.G. King - "Drug Zoo"
15. Noot d' Noot - Fingers Like Steeples
16. Batata Doce - "Corda Bomba"
17. Facehugger - "Through the Air Vents"
18. The Coathangers - "Stop Stomp Stompin'"
19. 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra - "East Atlanta Passover Stomp"
20. Customers - "Howling At The Moon"
21. Danny! - "I Want H.E.R. (She's So Heavy)"
22. Supreeme - "I'm On Fire"
23. Derek Lyn Plastic - "Run With Me"
24. Withered - "Reveal the Essence of Suffering"
25. Pill - "Lookin' In"
26. Thy Mighty Contract - "Bats in the Dark"
27. Jeffrey Butzer - "Theme for a Tailor"

» Mixt A - Vol 1. (223 MB zipped file)

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