Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Scenes from the Set of ATL Burn To Shine at 54 Moreland Ave. Sunday, July 29. 2007.

Todd Cook (Shipping News) and Shannon Wright.

This is Boner. The "R" in his name is silent. Call him "Bone." He was in charge of the property on which Burn to Shine was filmed.

Tom Cheshire (All Night Drug Prowling Wolves) & Brendan Canty.


Tom Cheshire.

Shannon Wright.

Shannon Wright.

Tommy Chung & Mathis Hunter of the Selmanaires.

International-Hit Makers, Tomy Chung & Shannon Mulvaney.

Bradford Cox (Deerhunter).

Lockett Pundt & Bradford Cox (Deerhunter).

Bradford Cox.


Jared Swiley (the Black Lips). He wanted to make sure that I titled this photo, "Raisin' tha Roof."

Bradford Cox playing a 12-string guitar on the porch.

This photo of me with Calvin Johnson was taken by Bradford Cox. Calvin showed up at random. He played a show in Athens the night before.

Cole Alexander (the Black Lips).

The Black Lips.

The Black Lips.

Candice Jones (the Coathangers) drinking a beer after the shoot.

For more information on Christoff Green and Brendan Canty's on-going Burn To Shine documentary series, go to www.trixiedvd.com